How to fix a strobe lighting/flickering Samsung LCD Television

You found this article after searching google to find out how to fix your Samsung LCD Television.  At this time i’m sure it has a random strobe light/flickering effect.  For me it didn’t happen all time, only on certain channels or certain darknesses.

This works for EVERY Samsung television specifically the 46″, 52″, and 55″ series.

Heres my story


I bought a 52″ Samsung LCD TV from Wal-mart in February of 2011 with my first income tax.  Samsung is quality but you will always pay the premium for them.  In late October 2012 way past my warranty date I woke up to my Samsung TV flickering when I turned it on.  I searched online and found this fix, this is confirmed to have worked on EVERY SAMSUNG TELEVISION with the strobe lighting effect on it.


This is the process -

1.  Unplug your television from its power source and remove all component cables.

2. Unscrew the back screws all the way around the television with a phillips head screw driver, this includes one near the power plug, and one in the middle of the component panel.

3. Carefully seperate the LCD screen, and the back plastic panel.

4. You’ll see on the right side of your Samsung television that their is a power board(Where you plug in your power cord).  You will see the word hot on it, and the word cold a little bit above it on the board.  Near both of them you will see a  jumper it is listed as JP852, and JP854 depending on your television set.  Clip this wire right down the middle but do not remove them, just make it so they do not touch each other anymore. You will also see near this wire and lettering a diagram right under it, it should show two lines that are not connected.  This proves that this jumper should not have been connected in the first place.

During production of millions of Samsung televisions they neglected to cut this wire and this is the root of the flickering/strobe lighting problem.

5. Put the back panel and LCD back together with the screws and VOILA you’re television will no longer suffer from the flickering/strobe light issue.


If you have any questions email me please post in this article and I will answer them.




How to Fix 46″ 52″ 55″ Samsung Flicker/Strobe issue

Cut a jumper they missed at the factory. JP852 on the power supply board. The fix (for backlight strobing): Remove phillips screws that hold the back black metal cover onto the tv, there’s one screw at the inputs area, the rest are all around the outside of the frame. All are in plain sight and … Continue reading